Vorträge und Poster von M. Sc. Mohammad Omidalizarandi


  • Alkhatib, H.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Kargoll, B. (2018): A bootstrap approach to testing for time-variability of autoregressive random deviations in regression time series modelsIX Hotine-Marussi-Symposium, Rom, Italien, 22. Juni 2018. More Info
  • Omidalizarandi, M.; Kargoll, B.; Kemkes, E.; Rüffer, J.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Neumann I. (2018): Vibration analysis of bridge structures using low-cost accelerometers and an image-assisted total stationGeodätische Woche 2018, Session 4. Ingenieurgeodäsie und GNSS, Frankfurt am Main, 17.10.2018. Vortrag.
  • Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Alkhatib, H.; Schuh, W.-D. (2017): A modified EM algorithm for parameter estimation in linear models with time-dependent autoregressive and t-distributed errorsInternational Work-Conference on Time Series Analysis ITISE 2017, Granada, Spanien, 18. September 2017. Vortrag.


  • Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Alkhatib, H. (2018): Adjustment of Gauss-Helmert models with autoregressive and t-distributed errorsIX Hotine-Marussi-Symposium, Rom, Italien, 21. Juni 2018. More Info