A Bootstrap Approach to Testing for Time-Variability of AR Process Coefficients in Regression Time Series with t-Distributed White Noise Components

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Hamza Alkhatib, Mohammad Omidalizarandi, Boris Kargoll

In this paper, we intend to test whether the random deviations of an observed regression time series with unknown regression coefficients can be described by a covariance-stationary autoregressive (AR) process, or whether an AR process with time-variable (say, linearly changing) coefficients should be set up. To account for possibly present multiple outliers, the white noise components of the AR process are assumed to follow a scaled (Student) t-distribution with unknown scale factor and degree of freedom. As a consequence of this distributional assumption and the nonlinearity of the estimator, the distribution of the test statistic is analytically intractable. To solve this challenging testing problem, we propose a Monte Carlo (MC) bootstrap approach, in which all unknown model parameters and their joint covariance matrix are estimated by an expectation maximization algorithm. We determine and analyze the power function of this bootstrap test via a closed-loop MC simulation. We also demonstrate the application of this test to a real accelerometer dataset within a vibration experiment, where the initial measurement phase is characterized by transient oscillations and modeled by a time-variable AR process.

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Computer in den Geowissenschaften, Geophysik
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https://doi.org/10.1007/1345_2019_78 (Zugang: Geschlossen)

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