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begutachtete Veröffentlichungen

Alkhatib, H.; Kargoll, B.; Paffenholz, J.A. (2018): Further results on robust multivariate time series analysis in nonlinear models with autoregressive and t-distributed errors, Contributions to Statistics, Springer (akzeptiert)

Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Alkhatib, H.; Schuh, W.-D. (2018): Further results on a modified EM algorithm for parameter estimation in linear models with time-dependent autoregressive and t-distributed errors, Contributions to Statistics, Springer (akzeptiert)

Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Loth, I.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Alkhatib, H. (2018): An iteratively reweighted least-squares approach to adaptive robust adjustment of parameters in linear regression models with autoregressive and t-distributed deviations, Journal of Geodesy, Jg. 92, Nr. 3, S. 271-297. weitere Informationen
DOI: 10.1007/s00190-017-1062-6

Landmann, J.; Ongsiek, T.; Goseberg, N.; Heasman, K.; Buck B.H.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Hildebrandt, A. (2018): Investigating drag and inertia characteristics of full-scale blue mussel dropper lines., Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science (Coastlab18), Santander, Spain, May 22-26, 2018.

Omidalizarandi, M.; Kargoll, B.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Neumann, I. (2018): Accurate vision-based displacement and vibration analysis of bridge structures by means of an image-assisted total station, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Jg. 10, Nr. 6, S. 1-19.
DOI: 10.1177/1687814018780052

Omidalizarandi, M.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Neumann, I. (2018): Automatic and accurate passive target centroid detection for applications in engineering geodesy, Survey Review, Taylor & Francis
DOI: 10.1080/00396265.2018.1456001

Paffenholz, J.-A.; Huge, J.; Stenz, U. (2018): Integration von Lasertracking und Laserscanning zur optimalen Bestimmung von lastinduzierten Gewölbeverformungen, In: allgemeine vermessungs-nachrichten (avn), 125. Jg., Heft 4, 2018, S. 73-88.

Retat, A.; Schaffert, M.  (2018): OpenStreetMap im Kontext kulturlandschaftlicher Fragestellungen – Ein Qualitätsvergleich mit Blick auf Landnutzungen und Landbedeckungen, zfv – Zeitschrift für Geodäsie, Geoinformation und Landmanagement, 142(1), S. 36-45. weitere Informationen

Schön, S.; Kermarrec, G.; Kargoll, B.; Neumann, I.; Kosheleva, O.; Kreinovich, V. (2018): Why Student distributions? Why Matern's covariance model? A symmetry-based explanation, In: Ly, A.H.; Le, D.S.; Kreinovich, V.; Nguyen, T.N. (Hrsg.) ECONVN 2018: Econometrics for Financial Applications. Studies in Computational Intelligence, Band 760, S. 266-275. Springer, Cham. weitere Informationen
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-73150-6_21

Sun, L.; Alkhatib, H., Paffenholz, J.-A.; Neumann, I. (2018): Geo-Referencing of a Multi-Sensor System Based on Set-membership Kalman Filter, 2018 21st International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)

Vogel, S.; Alkhatib, H.; Neumann, I. (2018): Iterated Extended Kalman Filter with Implicit Measurement Equation and Nonlinear Constraints for Information-Based Georeferencing, 2018 21st International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)

Xu, X.; Kargoll, B; Bureick, J.; Yang, H.; Alkhatib, H.; Neumann, I. (2018): TLS-based profile model analysis of major composite structures with robust B-spline method, Composite Structures, Vol. 184, S. 814-820. weitere Informationen
DOI: 10.1016/j.compstruct.2017.10.057

Zhao, X.; Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Xu, X.; Alkhatib, H. (2018): Model selection for parametric surfaces approximating 3D point clouds for deformation analysis, Remote Sensing, Jg. 10, Heft 4, Nr. 634, Special Issue: "3D Modelling from Point Clouds: Algorithms and Methods". weitere Informationen
DOI: 10.3390/rs10040634