Publikationen von Dr. Gaël Kermarrec

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  • Kargoll, B.; Kermarrec, G.; Korte, J., Alkhatib, H. (2020): Self-tuning robust adjustment within multivariate regression time series models with vector-autoregressive random errorsJournal of Geodesy More Info
  • Kermarrec, G.; Kargoll, B.; Alkhatib, H. (2020): Deformation Analysis Using B-Spline Surface with Correlated Terrestrial Laser Scanner Observations—A Bridge Under LoadRemote Sensing, 12(5), 829 More Info
  • Kargoll, B.; Omidalizarandi, M.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Neumann, I.; Kermarrec, G.; Alkhatib, H. (2019): Bootstrap tests for model selection in robust vibration analysis of oscillating structuresProceedings of the 4th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM), Athens, Greece, 2019. | File |
  • Kermarrec, G.; Alkhatib, H.; Bureick, J.; Kargoll, B. (2019): Impact of mathematical correlations on the statistic of the congruency test case study: B-splines surface approximation from bridge observationsProceedings of the 4th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM), Athens, Greece, 2019. | File |
  • Kermarrec, G.; Neumann, I.; Alkhatib, H.; Schön, S. (2019): The stochastic model for Global Navigation Satellite Systems and terrestrial laser scanning observations: A proposal to account for correlations in least squares adjustmentJournal of Applied Geodesy, Band 13, Heft 2, S. 93-104.
    DOI: 10.1515/jag-2018-0019
  • Kermarrec, G.; Paffenholz, J.-A.; Alkhatib, H. (2019): How Significant Are Differences Obtained by Neglecting Correlations When Testing for deformation: A Real Case Study Using Bootstrapping with Terrestrial Laser Scanner Observations Approximated by B-Spline SurfacesSensors 2019, 19(17), 3640
    DOI: 10.3390/s19173640
  • Zhao, X.; Kermarrec, G.; Kargoll, B.; Alkhatib, H.; Neumann, I. (2019): Influence of the simplified stochastic model of TLS measurements on geometry-based deformation analysisJournal of Applied Geodesy, Band 13, Heft 3
    DOI: 10.1515/jag-2019-0002
  • Kermarrec, G.; Alkhatib, H.; Neumann, I. (2018): On the Sensitivity of the Parameters of the Intensity-Based Stochastic Model for Terrestrial Laser Scanner. Case Study: B-Spline ApproximationSensors 2018, 18, 2964
    DOI: 10.3390/s18092964
  • Kermarrec, G.; Ren, L.; Schön, S. (2018): On filtering ionospheric effects in GPS observations using the Matérn covariance family and its impact on orbit determination of Swarm satellitesGPS Solution, 22:66. More Info
  • Schön, S.; Kermarrec, G.; Kargoll, B.; Neumann, I.; Kosheleva, O.; Kreinovich, V. (2018): Why Student distributions? Why Matern's covariance model? A symmetry-based explanationIn: Ly, A.H.; Le, D.S.; Kreinovich, V.; Nguyen, T.N. (Hrsg.) ECONVN 2018: Econometrics for Financial Applications. Studies in Computational Intelligence, Band 760, S. 266-275. Springer, Cham. More Info
    DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-73150-6_21
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2017): Apriori fully populated covariance matrices in least-squares adjustment – case study: GPS relative positioningJournal of Geodesy 91(5):465-484.
    DOI: 10.1007/s00190-016-0976-8
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2017): On modelling GPS phase correlations: a parametric modelActa Geophysica et Geodaetica, pp 1-18
    DOI: 10.1007/s40328-017-0209-5
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2017): Taking correlations into account: a diagonal correlation modelGPS solution 21(4):1895-1906.
    DOI: 10.1007/s10291-017-0665-y
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2017): Fully populated VCM or the hidden parameterJournal of Geodetic Science 7(1):151-161.
    DOI: 10.1515/jogs-2017-0016
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S.; Kreinovich V. (2017): Possible Explanation of Empirical Values of the Matern Smoothness Parameter for the Temporal Covariance of GPS MeasurementsApplied Mathematical Sciences 11(35): 1733-1737.
    DOI: 10.12988/ams.2017.75186
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2016): Taking correlations into account with a diagonal covariance matrixJournal of Geodesy 90(9):793-805.
    DOI: 10.1007/s00190-016-0911-z
  • Kermarrec G.; Schön S. (2014): On the Mátern covariance family: a proposal for modeling temporal correlations based on turbulence theoryJournal of Geodesy, 88:1061–1079.
    DOI: 10.1007/s00190-014-0743-7

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  • Hake, F.; Herrmann, M.; Alkhatib, H.; Hesse, C; Holste, K; Umlauf, G; Kermarrec, G; Neumann, I. (2020): Damage Detection for Port Infrastructure by Means of Machine-Learning-AlgorithmsIn: FIG (Hrsg.) Proceedings of FIG Working Week 2020. Amsterdam, Netherlands More Info
    ISBN: 978-87-92853-93-6
  • Kermarrec, G.; Alkhatib, H.; Paffenholz, J.-A. (2019): Original 3D-Punktwolken oder Approximation mit B-Splines: Verformungsanalyse mit CloudCompareIn: Alkhatib, H.; Paffenholz, J.-A. (Hrsg.): Tagungsband GeoMonitoring 2019. GeoMonitoring. Hannover, 14-15 März, 2019, S. 165–176
    DOI: 10.15488/4520
  • Kermarrec G. (2002): Tausend und ein Facette von RasterkartenArcAktuell 4/2002:50-53
  • Chenez C.; Kermarrec G. (1999): On going Metadata Initiatives in EuropeProceedings of the 5th EC-GIS workshop, Stresa, Italy.

Bücher | Buchbeiträge

  • Schön S.; Kermarrec G. (2015): Turbulence TheoryFreeden W., Nashed, M. Zuhair, Sonar T (Eds.): Handbook of Geomathematics (2nd ed.), Springer.
    ISBN: 978-3-642-54551-1