Deformation analysis from 3D printed surfaces

Deformation analysis from 3D printed surfaces

Betreuung:  Gaël Kermarrec
Jahr:  2021


In this masterthesis, you will have the opportunity to work on deformation analysis based 3D printed surfaces. You will gain experiences:

  • in measuring with Terrestrial Laser Scanner as well as
  • in using software such as cloud compare
  • on the highly relevant topics of surface fitting and (statistical) testing of deformation.

The work includes: the printing of the surfaces, measurements with a TLS under different scanning configuration and settings, the processing of the point clouds, the approximation with T-splines, the set up of statistical tests potentially including stochastic information, the impact of data gaps/shading/mixed pixel on the approximation and comparison with usual methods with some recommendations. We provide the Matlab functions for surface fitting. We have experience in 3D printing the surfaces but could search for other printing methods.

You need a great sense of creativity and humor.