Geodetic Networks in Engineering Surveying works

Geodetic Networks in Engineering Surveying works

Betreuung:  Hans Neuner, Ingo Neumann, Prof. Paul Daniel Dumitru
Bearbeitung:  Ovidiu Cosarca
Jahr:  2013
Laufzeit:  2013
Ist abgeschlossen:  ja

Usually, engineering survey applications are carried out in all the realization stages which concern construction objectives based on a local three-dimensional geodetic network. For small networks, the problem is treated trivially (and correctly) by a local coordinate system which widely meets the requirements regarding the accuracy and the configuration.

A problem for the practical simple realization appears in case of large range networks. In this situation it is necessary to choose and adopt a specific projection system, so that the distortion coefficient of the linear values induced by the chosen projection systems tends to the value of 1.

Based on these considerations, in this thesis an approach for the design, implementation and use of geodetic networks that should stand as a basis for construction / rehabilitation / modernization projects of railways was developed. As a result, a proposal for an optimal geodetic network and projection system is available which have a minimal distortion coefficient in order to simplify the practical surveys.