Aktuelle Projekte der AG Interdisziplinäres Monitoring

  • 2D FEM model calibration based on TLS
    This research studies the problem of the arch loading case by the combination of finite element analysis (FEA) and B-Splines, which provides a highly accurate solution to the calibration problem of the FEA model. A highly accurate FEA B-Spline model using point clouds from terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) is proposed. Meanwhile, characteristics of arched nodal displacement and stress are discussed. The target function of the optimization is to reduce the displacement error. It is revealed that the B-Spline optimized model based on TLS data with high-accuracy could carry out FEA efficiently with fewer displacement errors, which is an important part of the automatic calibration of FEA.
    Leitung: Ingo Neumann
    Team: Wei Xu, Xinagyang Xu, Hao Yang
    Jahr: 2017
    Laufzeit: 2017 - 2018