Forschungsprojekte von M. Sc. Franziska Altemeier

  • Validation and quality assurance concepts for collaborative multi-sensor-systems
    The collaboration of several multi-sensor systems (MSS) has the potential to compensate individual shortcomings, e.g. by sharing navigational information among the nodes of a dynamic sensor network. Within the context of autonomous driving knowledge of the quality of the collected data and the derived trajectory is of great importance. Therefore, uncertainty modelling and propagation is a crucial issue - starting from the single sensors along the entire process chain (e.g. including the calibration and synchronization of the sensors within each MSS) up to the resulting products like 3D mapping information of the environment and the trajectory of the MSS. Numerous investigations deal with more or less specific aspects of the quality assurance of an MSS. Within this doctoral project the focus lies on the quality modelling of the MSS under investigation by the research training group (RTG). Building on this, the gain by the collaboration of MSS for the uncertainty can be evaluated in a subsequent project.
    Leitung: Ingo Neumann
    Team: Franziska Altemeier
    Jahr: 2019